Methods of Payment Accepted

Credit Cards: We accept payment through all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can enter your credit card info in our secure online checkout.

Checks (Personal, Cashiers, Money Orders, etc.) & Wire Transfers: We accept checks and wire transfers. To make payment, call us at 619.858.4580 or Email Us and we will provide instructions. Please include Product Name, Price, Shipping Total, your Email, and Your Price. We will not be able to ‘hold’ your item while the check is in transit unless tracking info of the check is sent to us. Once the check is received, and inventory is verified, we will cash the check. If there is an issue we will contact the customer with using the methods provided. If we do not hear back the transaction will be cancelled and the check returned.

Electronic Check (E-Check)/ Checking Account: We accept E-Check payments by phone or email. Please call 619.858.4580 or email

Cash: We accept cash on local sales only. Please contact us at 619.85834580 or email to inquire about paying by cash

Tax Information

Sales Tax: Sales tax for your respective state and county will be added to the bill

Tax Exempt: If you are tax exempt, and you are in California, please call us at 619.858.4580 to make the purchase, and we will be able to take your order w/o charging tax

Payment FAQs

Q: I am having problems placing an order on your website. The order was declined.
A1: This could be a variety of issues. First thing to do is make sure everything is entered correctly:
A2: Make sure the billing address matches the address on your billing statement, and the CVV Code is entered and correct.
A3: Your phone number and email address are entered, and appear in the appropriate fields. Make sure ‘Evening Phone’ is blank if proving 1 phone number.
A4: Make sure the shipping address is entered and is a valid address.
B1: If everything is entered correctly it may be a problem with your credit card. Here are the most common issues:
B2: Most credit card issuers have a daily spending limit, and a spending limit per transaction. If you suspect this, you can usually get a temporary limit increase by calling your credit card company. Otherwise, you may need to try a different card. If you receive a 15005 error code on our checkout, then this is the issue.
B3: Suspicious Transaction. Our merchant card provider uses an automatic filter to decline potentially fraudulent transactions. Feel free to call us to review and complete your purchase at 619.858.4580
B4: The problem could also be a browser related issue, or a problem on our end. Feel free to call us to complete your purchase at 619.858.4580

Q: I want to pay by credit card but do not feel comfortable entering the information online, can you take payment by phone?
A: We do take payment by phone. You can call us at 619.858.4580.

Q: Why is entering my phone number required at checkout? Most companies do not require this info.
A1: While Fedex or UPS do not need to contact you to schedule a delivery, the Freight Carriers and Moving Companies we use will need to contact you first to setup a delivery time.
A2: It is an extra measure of fraud protection for suspicious transactions
A3: Customer Privacy is extremely important to us, and the phone number will only be used for the transaction it is associated with. Read our Privacy Policy for more infomation.

Q: I placed an order and the information on the receipt is incorrect and needs to be changed, and/or I was billed incorrectly.
A: Please call us at 619.858.4580 or Email Us as soon as you recognize the error. We will promptly look into the issue

Q: I placed an order and when I login the Order Status says ‘Processing’
A: Until your order ships the order status will say ‘Processing’. This means your order has been placed and we are working on it. Feel free to call us at 619.858.4580 or Email Us for more detailed information anytime.

Q: I placed an order and need to cancel
A: Please call us at 619.858.4580 or Email Us asap. We can cancel your order prior to shipment. Once your item is in transit please refer to our Return Policy

Q: I have an urgent issue and was unable to reach a live person at 619.858.4580?
A: We are here 7:30 am to 4 pm Pacific Time, so try back during these hours. You can also click here to Email Us