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        Simple design, maximum performance and a minimum price were the blueprints used to develop the EXM2500S. Only the best materials have been used; 2” x 4” x high tensile strength steel, oversized hardware, 2200 Lb. test cables and fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys. The EXM2500S can perform your most demanding strength training routines. Featuring a Chest Press, Perfect Pec Station, Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Lat Pull Down, Seated Row, Ab Crunch, the EXM2500S offers more features, and more stations than other equipment.

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        Brand: Body Solid

        Weight: 446 lbs

        Assembled Dimensions: 83”L x 51”W x 83”H

        Special Features: 

        • Chest Press- horizontal and vertical grip
        •  Pectoral Fly / Rear Delt Station
        • Upper Pulley- Lat Pull Down, Cable Crossover, Ab Crunch, Tricep Extension, Tricep Pressdown
        • Lower Pulley-Deltoid Raise, Seated Row, Shrug, Bent-over Row, Standing Curl, Leg Adduction
        • 210lb weight stack- (20) 10lb. plates + carriage


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