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    Work out with Mayhem Strength Hack Squat/Leg Press Combo! When set up as a Hack Squat, it is angled at 45 degrees that creates a similar axial load as Squats. The tension on the abdominals and spinal erectors are still present from the load being by the shoulders. Two easy flips from the foot rest and a second flip from the back support, its now a Leg Press! The Leg Press eliminates tension on the torso allowing all focus on the quads and glutes. A smooth lift from top to bottom with safety levers that turns inwards/outwards.

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    Brand Name: Mayhem Strength

    Assembled Dimensions
    L: 96″ W: 58″ H: 58″

    Additional information

    Weight 677 lbs
    Dimensions 75 × 50 × 62 in

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