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    This Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded T Bar Row strengthens and defines your back muscles and is chest supported. This machine is part of our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! The design of this machine allows you to focus on your back muscles, shoulders, and arms while reducing strain on your lower back. This unit is adjustable to suit different size individuals using the 4 positions on the footplate, space 2-in apart, and has dual position handles that allows you to target different muscles.



    Brand: Mayhem Strength

    Series: Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series

    Assembled Dimensions: 44x49x79in

    Machine Weight: 209lbs

    Suggested Lead Time 8-10 Weeks from Date Ordered 

    • Adjustable width
    • Universal pivot point allows for user defined path
    • Non skid footplates stabilize user
    • Separately positioned footplates fit all users
    • Dual position handles target different muscle

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    Matte Black Frame w/ White Arms- Pre-Order, Matte Black- Pre-Order, Red Frame w/ Gloss Black Arms- Pre- Order, Silver- Pre-Order


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