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Used Ivanko Iron Dumbbell – 105lb


One (1) – 105lb Ivanko Pro Style Dumbbell

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In each of our dumbbell categories, we constantly refine and fine-tune our designs and our manufacturing practices in the passionate pursuit of the perfect dumbbell. In rubber dumbbells, perfection is defined as being gentlest on equipment, safest for people, indestructible, with neutralized odor, a classic look, an awesome feel, and super tight fastening. All of our fixed weight dumbbells incorporate Ivanko’s PermaLock™ fastening system which employs proprietary machining tolerances and surface preparation to achieve a metal-to-metal bond that requires 400 foot pounds of torque to twist apart. That’s the power of a V8 engine.

Product is One (1) – 105lb Ivanko Pro Style Dumbbell


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