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    We have specials on products from various categories and if we have a special in a certain category it will appear here and clearly marked being on special. The rest of the products in the category appear below.

    5-50 Dumbbell Set and Dumbbell Rack Combo

    Get an amazing deal on this combo that is normally priced at $1,300!

    Hammer Strength V-Squat

    The Plate-Loaded V-Squat is designed to have a natural squatting motion, while reducing back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion. It also employs a standard counter balance for lower starting resistance.

    Wall Mounted Folding Squat Rack

    Easily transform any garage, home, or small commercial space into a multi-functioning gym while sacrificing a small amount of wall space when not in use. Folding away requires no disassembly. Perfect for cross-functional fitness athletes, Olympic Weights, MMA, and anyone looking to lift big in small spaces and stay fit.

    Smith Machine

    The Smith Machine is a multi-use machine! For squats it's great for stability and balance. For Bench Press, it allows you to safely lift heavy without a spotter.

    Smith Machine/Squat Rack Combo

    The Smith Machine/Squat Rack is an excellent power rack to own. When you want to test your own movement patterns, jump on over to the squat rack. When you want to practice stability and balance, use the smith machine. Do you get stuck in the hole sometimes? Use the squat rack and anchor resistance bands at the bottom. Finish off the session with supinated or pronated pull-ups!

    Two Tier Dumbbell Storage Rack

    This is a perfect dumbbell rack to hold your 5-50lb dumbbell set!

    Two Tier Dumbbell Storage Rack

    Mayhem Strength etched out giving it a clean, bold look to hold your dumbbell sets.

    Olympic Bar Holder

    Keep all of your various barbells organized in one place! Holds 9 Olympic barbells

    Barbell Rack

    Keep clutter away with this rack that holds 10 barbells

    Plate Tree

    Keep clutter away with this barbell and plate tree

    Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

    Work out with Mayhem Strength Hack Squat/Leg Press Combo! When set up as a Hack Squat, it is angled at 45 degrees that creates a similar axial load as Squats. The tension on the abdominals and spinal erectors are still present from the load being by the shoulders. Two easy flips from the foot rest and a second flip from the back support, its now a Leg Press! The Leg Press eliminates tension on the torso allowing all focus on the quads and glutes. A smooth lift from top to bottom with safety levers that turns inwards/outwards.

    Power V-Squat

    This plate loaded squat machine combines two leg strength exercises, the front squat and hack squat into one unit. This is a great piece of strength equipment for high school, college and military weight rooms or any other commercial gym environment.

    Hack Squat

    Designed to accommodate various users with a linear press training motion. The Linear Hack Squat was specifically designed to train a movement that other machines weren’t focusing on. Linear bearings on guide rods provide an extremely smooth motion. Easy flip in and out racking handles allow the user to set a desired start/stop position. A range limiter offers added security.

    Two-Tier Dumbbell Storage Rack

    This dumbbell rack is a great tool for consolidating your equipment and keeping clutter from building up.

    Recon Power Rack

    Thoughtfully built Power Rack made by Mayhem Strength. An essential for any Garage Gym or Gym Studio. A perfect free weight Power Rack that has your safety a priority. Adjustable Safety bars and J hooks. We can Power Coat in any color!


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