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    We have specials on products from various categories and if we have a special in a certain category it will appear here and clearly marked being on special. The rest of the products in the category appear below.

    Squat Stand

    The Mayhem Strength Squat stand comes with safety spotter bars to push you to your limits. The distance between the two brackets can be adjusted according to the length of the barbell. The H designed bases provide stability during workouts. Rubber end caps provide grip for added stability and protect the floor from scratches.

    Angled Smith Machine

    This Mayhem Strength Angled Smith Machine  has a 90-degree path of motion that follows the natural path of movement for pressing or squatting. This smith machine was designed to seamlessly integrate with other pieces to complete any gym from our high-quality Mayhem Havoc Plated Loaded Series!

    Rogue Monster Lite Squat Stand

    With this Rogue Monster Lite Squat Stand it makes squatting and lifting at home easy. This rack takes up minimal space for any home gym! Add a bench and you can also adjust this rack to bench press.

    Dynabody Dynalift

    The Dynalift allows for the easy start and racking of your heaviest squats. A must have for all powerlifters, meet promoters, trainers or strength coaches. The Dynalift will change the way you squat forever.  It only takes seconds to change rack heights or move the weight hooks to different positions.

    Smith Machine

    This Mayhem Strength Smith Machine  sets us apart for others! This machine offers more movement than other similar track machines. This machine also allows the use of multiple benches.

    Westside Power Rack R-3

    This makes the unit equally well suited to a collegiate / pro training facility or a home / garage gym. The R-3 offers superior durability and versatility, but it’s also the most compact member of the R-Series.

    Smith Machine Squat Rack Combo

    The Smith Machine/Squat Rack is an excellent power rack to own. When you want to test your own movement patterns, jump on over to the squat rack. When you want to practice stability and balance, use the smith machine. Do you get stuck in the hole sometimes? Use the squat rack and anchor resistance bands at the bottom. Finish off the session with supinated or pronated pull-ups!

    Recon Power Rack

    Thoughtfully built Power Rack made by Mayhem Strength. An essential for any Garage Gym or Gym Studio. A perfect free weight Power Rack that has your safety a priority. Adjustable Safety bars and J hooks. We can Powder Coat in any color!


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